So What Exactly Am I Doing?

Hey, y'all! I decided I wanted to show my children you really can do anything you put your mind to, so I've decided to write to Kelly Ripa and see if she'll let me "Play Kelly" for a day. I'd love to host Live! with her, but I'll take just meeting her and hanging out. So join me in my journey as I try to get the attention of daytime's funniest woman! ~ Allison

Friday, June 7, 2013

More About Me, Part 2

Dear Kelly Ripa,

Here's the rest of More About Me, because I know you're so curious to find out more!

I got married ten years ago (well, 10 years in August) to an amazingly wonderful man. I met him in 9th grade, believe it or not! We were friends through high school and started dating in college. He was also a band geek and he blossomed into a very sexy man who's just my type - tall, dark, & handsome. And quiet. He has to be quiet because I definitely do all the talking.

We were also blessed with three amazing children - one daughter and two sons. Our daughter is our miracle child after going through infertility. She's now a feisty red-headed six-year-old who loves to dance. We adopted our precious oldest son who is now 5, and he has a face full of freckles and a hug for everyone he meets. And we were very surprised by our almost 9-month-old son who now boasts 5 teeth and who wants desperately to stand and walk on his own.

With a full house now I don't have time for much else. But in my spare time (read: when the kids are asleep or running amuck) I love to write. I've written three books - none of which you would have read because none of them have been published. But I have high hopes. One day!

I hate to clean. But then, who actually likes it? My house is regularly a mess, regardless of how much I sweep, dust, and pick up. Now that school is out it might as well just remain a mess until August. Am I right?

I like to think I'm funny. I make people laugh all the time. Hopefully they're laughing with me and not at me, but whatever. I just love that I make people laugh! I'll have to share some of my good jokes later on.

Well, Kelly Ripa, I think that's it for today. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More About Me, Part 1

Dear Kelly Ripa,

So I thought you might like to know more about me. Where should I start? Home life? Credentials? I guess I'll just start at the beginning...

I was born in Maryland on Christmas Day some number of years ago. I'm 10 years younger than you, but you rock and look like you're perpetually 27. How do you do that? Anyway, I was born in Maryland.

I moved to South Carolina when I was a pre-teen. We called them pre-teens back then, now they're called tweens. What does 'tween' mean, anyway? We moved to Myrtle Beach where I hated the beach (and still do). I worked at a huge tourist location - Medieval Times. I was a wench. It was awesome. I spoke with a fake accent and everything. If you have never experienced Medieval Times, I would love to take you one day. It's the best place on earth. Even better than Disney because the knights are hot and ride horses. At our castle all the knights were Latin, and I know how you like the Latin men (don't we all?).

This was me at Medieval Times. Wasn't I adorable?
For college I went to Clemson University (also in SC, if you didn't know). I was in Tiger Band (I spent 13 years playing the trombone from grade school up through college) and the band fraternity, Kappa Kappa Psi. I am a very proud band geek! I majored in Communications, which apparently means nothing because I have never had a job in my field. I minored in both Psychology and Journalism.

Me in my younger years
Fresh from college I had no idea what to do, but I was engaged to my husband and he was still in school, so I stuck around (more on him in a moment). I got a job at a local portrait studio because I liked to take pictures and hey - they were hiring. Kelly, wouldn't you know I thought I had found my calling? I took more classes and became certified and opened my own photography business! I have shot many weddings. Everyone survived! (That was photography humor!) I loved capturing memories for others.

While trying to make a go of the photography thing, I got a job as a reporter for our local newspaper. I covered hard hitting stories like why a local city was named Pumpkintown, and whether or not the county council would make room in the budget for council snacks, and other such nonsense. I did not enjoy the "news" portion of my job (like chasing ambulances to accident scenes). But I did love interviewing people and doing the human-interest stories. 

Well, Kelly, I think that's enough for now. We'll cover more in a later post!



Saturday, June 1, 2013


Dear Kelly Ripa,

Welcome to the site! First off, I am a huge fan. But I guess you hear that a lot.

I've been watching you since you started on All My Children. What was it like being the daughter of Adam Chandler? What was it like working along side Susan Lucci and everyone else?

I had never seen Live with Regis until you came on the show. Now I'm a loyal watcher and watch whenever my children let me. Maybe I need to DVR the show. I love to see you and Michael interact. He really is your TV husband. But seriously - you can't get much better than Mark. How can you stand being around such hotties all the time?

Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is that I would LOVE to have a chance to meet you and spend the day with you. I don't just mean tickets to the show and a handshake. I mean a chance to sit with you, talk to you, interview you (and hey - you can interview me, I'm funny!)...and my ultimate goal? To sit with you as a co-host on Live and interview a celebrity.

Why do I want do this? Because I want to show my children I'm not just a 32-year-old mom who cooks, cleans, and changes diapers. I have aspirations (my life-long goal: to become a published author), I have dreams (to never clean again), I have a life outside of them (barely, but I'm trying). Would you please help me?

So that's my campaign in a nutshell. I'll be back again soon to tell you more about me and further my cause! Thanks!


This is me, Kelly. I'm Allison