So What Exactly Am I Doing?

Hey, y'all! I decided I wanted to show my children you really can do anything you put your mind to, so I've decided to write to Kelly Ripa and see if she'll let me "Play Kelly" for a day. I'd love to host Live! with her, but I'll take just meeting her and hanging out. So join me in my journey as I try to get the attention of daytime's funniest woman! ~ Allison

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Dear Kelly Ripa,

Welcome to the site! First off, I am a huge fan. But I guess you hear that a lot.

I've been watching you since you started on All My Children. What was it like being the daughter of Adam Chandler? What was it like working along side Susan Lucci and everyone else?

I had never seen Live with Regis until you came on the show. Now I'm a loyal watcher and watch whenever my children let me. Maybe I need to DVR the show. I love to see you and Michael interact. He really is your TV husband. But seriously - you can't get much better than Mark. How can you stand being around such hotties all the time?

Anyway, that's besides the point. The point is that I would LOVE to have a chance to meet you and spend the day with you. I don't just mean tickets to the show and a handshake. I mean a chance to sit with you, talk to you, interview you (and hey - you can interview me, I'm funny!)...and my ultimate goal? To sit with you as a co-host on Live and interview a celebrity.

Why do I want do this? Because I want to show my children I'm not just a 32-year-old mom who cooks, cleans, and changes diapers. I have aspirations (my life-long goal: to become a published author), I have dreams (to never clean again), I have a life outside of them (barely, but I'm trying). Would you please help me?

So that's my campaign in a nutshell. I'll be back again soon to tell you more about me and further my cause! Thanks!


This is me, Kelly. I'm Allison

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